We try to provide financial help for as many people as possible. We want people to be able to feel confident with their money and in control of it. To do this we have put together information that we hope will be helpful. This includes a selection of articles with hints and tips in. We know that a lot of people have not had much teaching when it comes to finance and we hope that we can provide this form the articles that we have published. We keep the information relevant to as many people as possible and we keep it simple with practical tips that we hope will enable people to get better control of their money. We want people to be able to understand that they can be in control of their money and there are things that they can do which will enable them to benefit more from the money that they have. There are simple changes that can be made but unless we are aware of them then we cannot make them. This is something that we hope to address so that everyone has an equal chance of being able to feel comfortable with money and finance.